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SCS Author Spotlight & New Titles

Space Cadets Studios is pleased to announce our latest partnership with the suspense writing creep author Gerald de Vere. He comes to us an already-decorated writer, referred by colleague Chase Will of Mental Anarchy Press. Gerald’s first novel, Creatures – a punk rock Lovecraftian thriller – takes the reader on a thrill ride through the Appalachian borderlands between suburbia and wilderness. Published in December 2022, Creatures recently won the bronze medal for General Fiction in the 2023 Living Now Book Awards. In celebration, SCS has released the second edition of Creatures with a revised cover design featuring the medal, some spine spice-ups, and more. That title is available now on Amazon.

Though he has an affinity for theater, Gerald works primarily in prose, though he confesses he has enjoyed experimenting with poetic verse in his books. It is a blend he calls ‘catastrophized poetry.’ As he puts it, catastrophized poetry is his “…attempt to reflect how thought patterns are affected by anxiety and depression.” His poem Robot Hands is currently featured in Altered Reality Magazine’s online publications, and Altered also published his poem Human Nature in their Summer Camp Horror genre periodical this year.

If all that weren’t enough to make us excited about working with him, imagine our joy in sharing that Gerald’s second novel, Ghost Light, is officially scheduled for release on October 31st, 2023. He will only let us tease that it’s a Shakespeare-inspired punk rock ghost story set against a turn-of-the-century theater career. And we’ll tease the cover [left], too…

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