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SCS Author Spotlight

There's big news coming from Space Cadets Studios this August, but before we share any of that, one of our collaborators had a spectacular July that deserves celebrating. Very special congratulations are in order for Barbara St. Arnaud, author of the recent SCS publication, The Magic Portal Diaries.

The Magic Portal Diaries (product shot)

Barbara's very first fantasy fiction for children was released July 4th and the response has been magical. Early reviews claim, "This is truly a read for everyone and has a 'magical' way of meeting each person... regardless of age, station, societal construct... right where they are," as well as, "I love this book! As an elementary teacher for years, I have read many chapter books to children of all ages. I can’t wait to share this one with my classes in the fall!"

What's more, with her debut book, Barbara has already broken and reset the following company records:

  1. Most copies of a single title sold on the release date

  2. Most copies of a single title sold in one month

  3. Most copies of a single title sold on Amazon (cumulative)

Author B. St. Arnaud

Barbara would be the first one to tell another writer that she had her doubts when she started sessions with SCS a couple years ago. She'd never written a book, and wasn't even sure why she had to write her book, she only knew she had to make like Nike and 'just do it!' She's done an amazing job manifesting her fiction, bringing her joyous outlook on life to the page, and Space Cadets Studios is proud to represent her in print!

Do yourself a favor; put some whimsy in your day with a copy of The Magic Portal Diaries (available on Amazon and Kindle).

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