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SCS Author Spotlight

It's time to showcase another great artist and dear friend, author Chase Will. For the last five years, Chase has been the bold explorer striking out into the world of print, not I. It is from a good deal of his prodding that I finally mustered the courage to ignite my own print endeavors with Space Cadets Studios. While I try to help other writers find their own voice, it

was encouragement from Chase that helped my own voice return, and I am forever indebted to him as a friend, as a peer and as a colleague. I can honestly say that, without his influence, you might not be sitting here reading this article...

Authors Brent Winzek & Chase Will at Living Dead Weekend

So today, I'm shining the spotlight on Chase Will and his label, Mental Anarchy Press. Currently, Chase's first novel, horror story Birthday Girl (under the pseudonym Ash Crowlin) and his second, the coming-of-age tale Moving Through, are available on his website, on Amazon & Kindle, and on Barnes & Noble. This year, his stories have also appeared in the horror anthologies Head Blown and Tales from the Monoverse, which are also available at the links above.

On October 10th this year, Chase will release his third novel, Where Dreams are Entombed. The synopsis reads:

"Tommy knows what it is to be desperate, living in squalor and barely making ends meet while pursuing his rockstar dreams. When he's sent an invitation to become a collaborator at an experimental art gallery, he's offered a path toward financial security and personal fulfillment. But big dreams come at a high price...and the owner of the art gallery has her own plans for Tommy."

Cover art for Will's upcoming 'Entombed'

Not only are the pre-release reviews excellent, but for whatever reason, Chase chose to dedicate the publication to his friend, yours truly. To say I'm flattered doesn't quite cut it, but that's the last reason to check this book out! Check it out because Chase is a vivid, raw writer with a dynamic voice and a long & exciting future in fiction.

To pre-order on Kindle, click here.

For more information, visit


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